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Is a loan modification program that help troubled homeowners

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are 31% of their pre-tax monthly income.


More than a million homeowners have been helped by MHA programs. Homeowners in MHA modifications (HAMP) are typically saving more than $500 each month. And now, there are new opportunities for help. If you’re having a tough time making your monthly mortgage payments, Request a Modification today.


The more you know about the real estate marketplace the more pleasant your home search will be. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or entering the marketplace as a repeat buyer our real estate professional will provide the help you need to to get your new house


For many, bankruptcy is the rainbow at the end of a dark and long tunnel. It is the solution for people facing financial crisis. Many Americans turn to the bankruptcy court to eliminate their financial problems and the added emotional stress that comes from having financial problems:


What It Is—The lender agrees to reduce the principal amount owed on the loan. With a principal reduction, the lender agrees to forgive a portion of the principal amount owed. In some cases, the lender will agree to forgive the principal amount in excess of the current market value. Up until recently, principle reductions were rarely seen outside of bankruptcy or civil litigation. The HAMP Principal Reduction Alternative (PRA )became effective October 1, 2010.


Are you being evicted? If so, don't panic! You have rights and you do not have to leave your home! Have you been served a 3/30/90 day Notice-to-Quit or a 5-day Unlawful Detainer Summons? We will repare the necessary court documents to block your eviction immediately!