Vision Pro’s “Plastic” Face Cracks Quite Easily, Replacement Comes at $800

Make sure you put up a screen protector ASAP!

The $3,500 Apple Vision Pro was released to the public earlier this month, and it’s obvious why a lot of reviewers have been extensively testing the device to cover all corners of what it’ll fare against in everyday use.

Typically, the response to the durability and build quality of the Vision Pro has been largely positive. However, there is one small area that you’ll need to be extra careful about.

The Front “Laminated Glass” is Actually….Plastic!

Zack Nelson, from JerryRigEverything recently posted a complete teardown video of the Vision Pro, testing out how it reacts to certain forces and harsh conditions.

Interestingly, when the reviewer tested the scratch resistance of the Vision Pro’s front “glass,” it began showing scratches at a Mohs hardness level of 2, with deeper grooves appearing at level 3. This is particularly concerning because the cameras on the front, used for video passthrough, sit directly behind this “glass.” Any scratches will disrupt the display and significantly worsen your experience.

Scratches at a Mohs hardness level of 3 indicate that the headset is susceptible to damage from everyday objects like keys, jewelry, or even wiping it with a paper towel. Even a small amount of sand on the exterior, if wiped across the front, could potentially leave deep scratches over time.

Zack did mention that the outer layer is basically just plastic. Even though there might be glass underneath, scratches on the top layer are enough to warrant a replacement, which costs a whopping $800 ($299 with AppleCare+).

The best way to prevent this is to use a screen protector on the front. This can absorb the impact of debris and scratches, protecting the actual front layer of the Vision Pro.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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