APatchLite: How You Root Your Android Without Magisk in 2024

Rooting an Android device has always been a difficult and time-consuming process, particularly for beginners. The introduction of a new application called APatchLite appears to have made this long and difficult procedure much easier.

According to a recent YouTube video by Everything Android, a new tool called APatchLite provides a much quicker and shorter approach to rooting your Android device. This new tool simplifies the procedure, particularly for people who are rooting their phones for the first time.

The video author was able to install the software and root his phone in just 3 minutes, as opposed to the previous lengthy process. While the software has received little feedback due to its recent launch, it is an open-source project built on KernelSU that is accessible for download on GitHub

How to Root Your Phone Using APatchLite?

Before you see the steps, if you’re new to rooting entirely then there are other things you need to do before following this procedure. This guide assumes you’re aware of the basics and have already extracted your boot.img, along with having installed a custom recovery like TWRP.

  1. Make sure the option to install apps from unknown sources in enabled in Settings. This will be different depending on what you use to download the APK.
    If you use Chrome to download (and install) the APK, you need to allow it install unknown apps
  2. Download APatchLite as an APK from GitHub.
  3. Tap on it to install it, allow all necessary permissions if it asks.
  4. Open the app after installation where you will see the option “Patch.”
    Tap Patch after Opening App
  5. Find the boot.img file in your phone and tap on it. The example picture is using a MIUI-based custom ROM which has its boot image in the Documents folder:
    Find boot.img file in folders
    Wait for the patch to be complete. Before the next steps, make sure your APatchLite is properly Installed!
  6. Now go to your custom recovery and tap on Install.
    Select Install inside custom recovery
  7. Select Downloads from the list.
    Go to Download
  8. Tap on Install Image in the bottom-right.
    Tap Install image
  9. Select partition as Boot, and Swipe to confirm flash.
    Select Boot and Swipe
    Select Boot as the partition
  10. After a few seconds the flash will be successful.
    Your device is now rooted
  11. Reboot your device and enjoy.

After following the above-given directions, you will easily be able to grant root access to apps that require them. You can install apps like “MRepo” to grant root access and successfully use your rooted phone without any problem.

As seen by the steps, the process was really simple and straightforward. This new app is genuinely a marvelous feat after the lengthy process of Magisk and similar software. Do let us know what you think about APatchLite in the comments below.


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