First Hands-on Video of Galaxy A55 Animations Seem To Be All Show No Go

Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A55 is expected to launch in March 2024 and we are getting more and more information about it. Twitter user PerOre15 shared a short clip featuring a quick look into the animations of the Galaxy A55. The video shows UI animations that appear to be close to the flagship animations we currently have.

However, the animations lack the smooth and buttery feel the flagship phones have. Several users have also shown their disappointment about Samsung’s mid-range phones falling behind the competition. Additionally, users have also said that the animations look the same as in 2020 and there aren’t any major improvements for newer generations.

While Samsung intends to make their mid-range phone experience similar to their flagship phones, from the first looks it’s safe to say that the experience is close but definitely not the same. That’s all we have for now, let us know your thoughts in the comments down below about the Galaxy A55 animations.


Hamid Murtaza

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